Wikidot questions from the class

Q: (Prof. Simmons, 1-13-18) Can anyone figure out how to add arbitrarily-sized vertical white space on a page?

A: (Adam, 1-13-18) The best way that I found was the create a table with one empty cell and expand the bottom margin of it. I think it seems a bit silly, but the only other way that I found just involved too much HTML/CSS to be worthwhile. The code is pretty simple:

[[table style="margin-bottom: 1cm;"]]

I think this might add slightly more than 1 cm of space (or whatever the value is set to) because the cell might take up some space, but I'm not certain on that. Regardless,

it works pretty well!

I did find an alternate way on Stack Overflow, but it requires that you have text there and needs to use Wikidot's HTML environment, which I think limits use of LaTeX. The table is probably simpler and better.

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