Questions 11-13 Post-Write

13. Statement: 52n+1+22n+1 is divisible by 7 for all n Є $\mathbb{N}$.
Proof: We can begin by proving that 52n+1+22n+1 being divisible by 7 is true for the base case, n = 0.
52(0)+1+22(0)+1 =
7/7 =1
Based on this idea, assume the argument holds true for n=k.
52k+1+22k+1=7J where JЄ$\mathbb{N}$
Next, we must show that the argument holds for n=k+1.
7[3(52k+1)+4J] will always be divisible by 7 regardless of the value of k as long as k Є $\mathbb{N}$. Hence, 52n+1+22n+1 is divisible by 7 for all n Є N. ∎

12. Statement: If y is not free in ϕ=∀y(x=y), using the ∃-introduction rule returns an invalid deduction.
Proof: 1. ⊢∀y(x=y)
2. ⊢∀y(y=y) from 1 by ϕ[y|x]
3. ⊢∃x∀y(x=y) from 1 by ∃I
However, ⊢∃x∀y(x=y) is not a valid deduction because there does not exist an x that for all y x=y. ∎

11. Statement: $\mathbb{N}$ is well-ordered.
Proof: Let X ⊂ $\mathbb{N}$ have no least element. If 0 Є $\mathbb{N}$, then X will have a least element and we would be done. Now suppose 0 is not an element in $\mathbb{N}$, thus, 1 cannot be an element in $\mathbb{N}$, and n-1 is not an element in $\mathbb{N}$. If n Є X under these assumptions, then X would have a least element. So, n is not an element in $\mathbb{N}$ for every n Є $\mathbb{N}$. Therefore, X=∅, but $\mathbb{N}$ is not the empty set. Hence, $\mathbb{N}$ has a least element and is thus well-ordered. ∎

(Prof Simmons, 2-25-15): This is on the right track (showing that a subset of $\mathbb{N}$ with no least element is empty). The induction is a bit unclear: 1 and $n-1$ not belonging to $X$ isn't sufficient to show $n\notin X$; you need that every element less than $n$ not belong to $X$. You should also explain what $n$ is (an arbitrary natural number used for induction) when you first use it. The last line is problematic; having a least element doesn't make a set well ordered.

Comments - Andrew Furash
For 12, you have the right idea, but your number 1 is already an incorrect statement. You need to start with something that is correct and conclude with something incorrect.
13 looks good!

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