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I've found that ShareLaTeX is one of the easiest places to write LaTeX files. Your files get recompiled on the go so you get a preview of how your document will look at the end. Furthermore the site is online so you can access your files anywhere and there is a robust amount of documentation online from ShareLaTex on how to do many things in a document.

ShareLaTeX Website

And here are some helpful links like: Creating a new document, Aligning Equations

Quick LaTeX Primer

Easy way to generate LaTeX math on Microsoft Word:

On Microsoft Word, you can write any equation using the equation menu, which allows you to choose math symbols and forms. Then you click "LaTeX" so that it is highlighted and then click the "convert" button and choose "All -> Linear" and it will convert all the equations to LaTeX.

More Links

List of LaTeX Mathematical Symbols

LaTeX Tutorial

Wake Forest University - A Short Introduction to LATEX

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